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Total Holographic Characterization®

Our patented technique non-destructively yields quantitative measurements of suspended particles, such as colloidal microspheres, emulsion droplets or irregular particles including aggregates and agglomerates, with high precision and reliability. Spheryx provides customers with predictive knowledge of their particulate suspension's behavior for formulation optimization, quality assurance screening, manufacturing process control, and sample analysis.


  • Holographic video microscopy
  • Lorenz-Mie Approach
  • Rayleigh Sommerfeld Approach
  • Holographic Particle Characterization
  • Holographic Flow Cytometry
  • Holographic Microrheology
  • Holographic Refractometry
  • Holographic Velocimetry
  • Holographic Porosimetry
  • Single-particle detection and characterization

schematic of how the technology works

Each particle's hologram is recorded and analyzed using multi parameter optimization of fits calculated with Lorenz-Mie Theory calculated. The results of the analysis is the particle diameter and the particle index of refraction. Counting the particles and dividing by the volume yields the concentration.

Total Holographic Characterization® accurately measures concentrations over many orders of magnitude of concentrations. Shown here is a log-log plot of measured concentration vs. nominal concentration from 103 to 107 particles/mL.

Spheryx-Dilution Study

Total Holographic Characterization® has the unique ability to distinguish different distributions in multi-component suspensions - even when they are the same size.

This revolutionary technology non-invasively yields a wealth of information with precise, reliable and accurate quantitative measurements of suspended particles in complex samples. Below is an example of the measurement of a sample containing 9 unique species of particles. These results show the power of Total Holographic Characterization® to measure distributions of particles of different composition and size simultaneously.

plot of xSight data from heterogeneous sample
xSight is user-friendly and trouble free

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