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Total Holographic Characterization®

Our patented techniques non-destructively yield quantitative measurements of suspended particles, such as colloidal microspheres, emulsion droplets or nano-particles, with high precision and reliability. Spheryx provides customers with predictive knowledge of their particulate suspension behavior for formulation optimization, quality assurance screening, manufacturing process control, and sample analysis.


  • Holographic video microscopy
  • Lorentz-Mie Approach
  • Rayleigh Sommerfeld Approach
  • Holographic Particle Characterization
  • Holographic Flow Cytometry
  • Holographic Microrheology
  • Holographic Refractometry
  • Holographic Velocemtry
  • Holographic Porosimetry

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Total Holographic Characterization® has the unique ability to distinguish different distributions in multi-component suspensions - even when they are of similar size or similar index of refraction.


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