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Total Holographic Characterization®

Our patented technique non-destructively yields quantitative measurements of suspended particles, such as colloidal microspheres, irregularly shaped particles, aggregates or agglomerates, or emulsion droplets, with high precision and reliability.

Comparison with Other Techniques

Total Holographic Characterization® provides more information about colloidal particles' properties than any other particle characterization technique, and can answer more questions about your suspensions and their composition.

Holographic Video Microscopy

Holographic video microscopy is a non-invasive, non-destructive optical technique for particle-resolved characterization.

Technical Strengths and Specifications

  • High precision
  • Good reproducibility
  • Simple operation
  • Self-calibrating
  • Low cost
  • Flexible and versatile: adapts to users' applications
  • Provides an extra dimension of information beyond particle size distributions
  • Complementary to other techniques found in metrology laboratories

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