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Introducing xSight

This revolutionary technology non-invasively yields a wealth of information with precise, reliable and accurate quantitative measurements of suspended particles in complex samples. This technology has the unique ability to distinguish different distributions in multi-component suspensions – even when they are the same size.

With xSight’s patented Total Holographic Characterization® you can gain unprecedented insights into the properties of particles suspended in fluids.

Click the image below to see a video of xSight in action.

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xSight's Specifications

xSight's Powerful User Interface

xSight is user friendly and trouble free

Ease of use
xSight not only provides a wealth of information, but also is incredibly easy to use, with no special sample preparation and virtually no calibration needed. The intuitive, automated software and interface requires no special expertise or training, so users at all experience levels can easily obtain results. The instrument is extremely easy to operate: Simply drop your sample into the the xCell disposable sample cell, insert xCell into xSight’s chip holder and click the start button. In a matter of minutes, xSight will automatically record and interpret holograms of individual particles, rapidly combining thousands of measurements to build up a comprehensive picture of the sample’s properties, and ultimately generating a report with detailed data and analysis. Results are obtained in minutes, saving time and freeing up the instrument for other projects.

User Interface
Results can viewed in a variety of different formats using xSights’s user-friendly interface:

different tabs from the xSight user interface
xSight customers will receive initial set-up and training. Click here for technical specifications.

Contact us if you are interested in purchasing an xSight or seeing a demonstration.

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