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Water Quality Monitoring

Wastewater has many monitoring and quality challenges to ensure the purity of wastewater before releasing it to the environment. Regulatory and quality standards require that wastewater be monitored for remaining contaminants such as oils, plastic particulates or bacteria.

wastewater pipe
clean water close up
worker at a water purification plant

One challenge for most standard techniques is distinguishing these different kinds of contaminants when they all may coexist in the same sample and may be the same or similar in size.

xsight data of model waste water with multiple contaminants

Total Holographic Characterization® easily distinguishes between different components in heterogeneous samples. Each particle has a unique signature as measured by xSight using Total Holographic Characterization®. This signature is a hologram containing a wealth of information about the particle’s size, structure and composition, yet results can be obtained in the same time as a traditional bulk measurement. In the example above, the complex sample contains bacteria, oil emulsion droplets, and plastic microbeads. xSight delivers accurate, quantitative concentrations for each species in the sample with a single measurement.

Measurements using xSight can be made in a laboratory, or using custom instruments for remote sensing applications. xSight measurements cover particles in the sub-visible size range from 500 nm – 10 microns.

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