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Consumer Products and Cosmetics

Consumers have increasing performance expectations for their personal care products ranging from lotions to laundry detergents.

Consumers are using these high-tech liquid suspensions in their homes, on their bodies and faces, dishes, and laundry. Suspension chemistry allows engineers to develop, create and manufacture these exotic formulations. Quality assurance and process control allow companies to deliver these complex products reliably and cost effectively

Today, consumers demand gentle soap for babies, soap that cures acne for teens, and soap that makes one look younger for mature adults. They also expect shampoo that will wash, condition and leave their hair smelling the way they like it, laundry detergent that washes, softens and leaves a scent that assures you it is clean, and lotions that will delay the effects of aging while feeling pleasant to the touch as it is applied. Also, there are endless varieties of creams and potions that work wonders on your skin, furniture, floors, or any other surface imaginable.

baby surrounded by soap bubbles
woman with moisturizer

Suspensions are what make all of these consumer products possible. Whether the components are multiple different emulsion droplets or active colloidal ingredients, Spheryx’s xSight provides a new powerful tool for product engineers to formulate better, more effective and cost-efficient products, with high levels of purity and without undesirable contaminants.

Each product produces its own unique Total Holographic Characterization® signature which is recorded and analyzed by xSight.

Variation in Laundry Detergents

Spheryx’s xSight distinguishes differences in laundry detergents by their unique Total Holographic Characterization® signatures. Shown below are xSight results from the measurement of three commercially available detergents labeled below as Detergents A, B, and C.

xSight data from three commercial detergents

Distinguishing Different Emulsions using Total Holgraphic Characterization®

The data below shows xSight measurements of different preparations of two silicone oil with slightly different indexes of refraction. When the emulsions are mixed (unblended mixture), two signals are seen, one from each oil. When the oils are blended before emulsifying, one signal is observed at an index of refraction that is the average of the two original oils. Size alone would not distinguish differences in these two preparations, but index of refraction measurement from Total Holographic Characterization® reveals these differences.

results from an xSight study of multiple emulsions

Spheryx provides confidential measurement services for the consumer products industry. Contact us for more information on Spheryx applications in the consumer products industry.

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