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Spheryx personnel
Spheryx personnel


Spheryx is a revolutionary company. We don’t just make products, we solve problems that transform capabilities in industry. Our technology is blazing new trails at the frontier of science, making possible new products and processes. Innovation is at the heart of our company. Our creative employees, fueled by curiosity, find solutions delivering better, safer products at reduced costs, and providing benefits to consumers and manufacturers across multiple industries.


All Spheryx employees strive for excellence in everything they do. The result: quality products and service. Excellence is achieved through discipline with a focus on the customer, whether internal or external. Our foundation in breakthrough science and technology insures results that are both accurate and precise. We stand behind our products, services and results. All of our stakeholders can count on our full attention, delivering the best in all we do.


Spheryx rejoices in the diversity within the company. Our employees come from different backgrounds, including race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age and experience. Diversity is at the core of our values as a company. Our diversity is a powerful foundation for critical thinking and innovation. From different perspectives come creative and forward-looking solutions. Our environment is one of mutual respect, compassion and professionalism that encourages open, direct and honest dialogue among people with different perspectives. From this exchange of ideas comes the best answers to any question.


At Spheryx we recognize that our reputation is our most important asset. Our stakeholders can rely on the integrity of every Spheryx employee. We take our responsibilities seriously whether we are responding to customers, delivering results for investors, collaborating with our partners or preserving our environment. We are conscientious in delivering on our promises with honest, timely results. Ethical behavior is expected and valued in all activities.


Passion is the fuel that makes Spheryx thrive. The dedication of Spheryx employees, investors and partners makes all else possible. Creating new technology requires courage and tenacity. It takes courage to question the status quo and accepted wisdom, to go down paths that have not yet been traveled. Once chosen, a new path invariably has obstacles that only tenacious commitment can overcome. People are drawn to the company by the passion that exists at Spheryx.

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