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A Revolutionary Approach to Suspension Analysis

Spheryx delivers solutions for suspensions with a revolutionary technique that provides a new window into suspensions at the sub-microscopic level.

Suspensions are a part of our daily lives from smartphones, medicines and industrial fluids to soaps, creams, and food. All of these products must be analyzed throughout the development, manufacturing and quality assurance processes to ensure product quality and consistency.

Spheryx provides capabilities, never before possible, to develop and monitor products and provide improved information and control. The results will be better, more effective products, less waste, and increased efficiency, producing cost savings and improved market share.

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Total Holographic Characterization®:

  • How it works
  • How it compares to other techniques
  • Why it is revolutionary


xSight: Turnkey Total Holographic Characterization® at your fingertips

xCell: Custom sample chips for reliable sample delivery

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Latest News:

Spheryx’s xSight Selected as Prism Award Finalist in Competition for Most Innovative New Products in Optics and Photonics

Spheryx Protein Aggregate Results Presented in Prestigious Venues: Presentations at PEGS Europe and Publication in Soft Matter

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